Criticism is a Badge of Honor

People leave impressions on us as we interact with them. Parts of who they are or what they said can cling to us long after they've walked away. The same is true for books. We walk around with impressions and ideas clinging to us. With this in mind, I asked my students to reflect upon... Continue Reading →

The Creative Life

Well, I'm just about beyond jealous after reading the latest issue of "Fairfield University Magazine" (Winter 2010 issue). The first Residential College opened for sophomores nine years ago in 2001. Now Fairfield U has grown to four Residential Colleges and guess what the one that opened this year is called: Creative Life Residential College. Sophomores... Continue Reading →

Falling For My Own Trick

Most of the members of the Pilot Project got to hear John Krubski speak after school today about generational change. Besides having the coolest job title (a futurist), he also left me thinking about a variety of ideas. The advantage of talking about change as a definable and knowable experience is that it lessens much... Continue Reading →

My Best Quality

Ask me and I can tell you confidently that I am ambitious, I do not ever try to evoke confrontation but at the same time I am not afraid of it, and my default disposition is "calm" -- someone who strives to understand from where others are coming when they speak with me or in... Continue Reading →

Stuck in the Structure

I can feel a whole whirlwind of posts building up again now that my blogging presence has been fairly scarce these past few weeks. It's like there was a wave of ideas to sort out in the beginning of the year, and then I got some of those under control and graded for a while,... Continue Reading →

Breaking Down Walls

I struggled all summer with putting words to what our pilot group is trying to do. Recently, I found two ways to articulate it a little better than "We're working on 21st Century literacy skills" because what does that even mean anymore? The first way to articulate it I heard Beth say today in our... Continue Reading →

Creativity Quote

This is a pretty lame blog post because I don't have much to personally write at the moment. I did, however, want to get this quote off my desktop and onto the blog. Let it spark some thoughts. Creativity without discipline is not thinking outside the box. Instead, it is thinking without the box, which... Continue Reading →

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