Using Questions to Unstick Yourself

While some students worry that asking a question is a sign of weakness, in reality questions are powerful tools that can produce new and original thinking. Questions are the foundation to good thinking. The more questions students can learn to ask, the better! Questions acknowledge and honor the fact that we don't know everything. (We... Continue Reading →

Criticism is a Badge of Honor

People leave impressions on us as we interact with them. Parts of who they are or what they said can cling to us long after they've walked away. The same is true for books. We walk around with impressions and ideas clinging to us. With this in mind, I asked my students to reflect upon... Continue Reading →

What Keeps You Going?

"I empower students." Those three words keep me going. The best days have the moments in them when my students realize that they have learned to do things on their own. The victories are little right now. They come in the form of a student playing with how to remain in control of the revision... Continue Reading →

Goals for the Year 2011-2012

In accordance with our developing document outlining good teaching practices, I have begun the year by asking students to write goals for themselves. I know that the idea of goal setting can make people cringe because we are used to hearing students create goals that are totally unmeasurable or out of their control. ("The teacher... Continue Reading →

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